Listen to That Android Show Episode 27: Lovely Cognitive Dissidence

The TAS team returns, no really, and we’re back to discuss a somewhat busy mainstream news month. Ana wasn’t able to join us in studio, however, she turns in a stellar overview of Google Calendar and takes an in-depth look at the new Galaxy S5’s new accessibility features. All that, and more, on a “back to normal’ That Android Show!

In The News:

CSUN 2014 has come and gone. Yet the news from that show continues to make waves. Take a gander at this article on highlights from the Exhibit Hall floor, written by our own JJ, for an example of some news on Android related products.

And Blind Bargains conducted interviews from the show floor as well. Check this one out on a popular synth being released through Code Factory to Google Play soon.

And even more on video magnifiers, Access Note and other Android news can be heard on our SPN flagship feed at SeroTalk.

And then there was the really big story this month. How to tell if your Android device is vulnerable to Heartbleed

Android 4.1.1 Still Vulnerable to Heartbleed

[Google now constantly scans your installed Android apps for malware[(

[Android fragmentation turning devices into a toxic hellstew of vulnerabilities[(

Android’s KitKat is rolling out even more slowly than Jelly Bean did

Fingerprint lock in Samsung Galaxy 5 easily defeated by whitehat hackers

PayPal Debuts Its Biometrics And Smartwatch Integrations With Samsung

It’s out and being talked about. Samsung Focuses On Accessibility With An Ultrasonic Case, A Text-Reading Stand And Voice Labels

Tap Tap See Comes To Android

The following stories we may not have discussed directly, however, we thought them worth a read regardless.

Pre-iPhone Android envisioned with no touch-screen support

Google Play Still Tops iOS App Store Downloads, And Now Narrowing Revenue Gap, Too

Google Glass gets KitKat update, video calling removed

I Was Assaulted For Wearing Google Glass In The Wrong Part Of San Francisco

Google Patents Tiny Cameras Embedded In Contact Lenses

App Demo: Ana And Her Calendar

Ana is a very busy person and she has a super grasp of the Google ?Calendar as it’s how she keeps all her schedules together in one place. She shows us some basics and discusses the power that is in mastering dates and times. Also, check out this article for some advanced features.

The Coolest Things You Can Automatically Add to Google Calendar

Discussion Topic: In The Shadow Of Google i/o 2014, What Is Android Doing For Us Now

3d printing, pointy Braille and CSUN aftermath. We sit down and talk about various ways of access with Android and beyond.

Blind Bargains asks some tough questions about cross platform apps in relation to the latest release of TapTapSee

Joe recommends Access Talk for another look at what happened recently at CSUN and to get thoughts on a new user to the world of Android.

its good vs. evil? Its mets vs. Yankees? No, it is a battle that has always been around for one reason or another. Its “Is the note taker dead? 2014. While not directly Android related, except if you consider the Braille Plus 18 or the upcoming Access note from AFB, this discussion from HIMS started a lot of emails on so many Blind related lists.

Google Reveals the Crazy Modular Phones Ara Will Let You Build

Hardware Close Look: Samsung S5

Triple click Home to bring up… TalkBack? No, its not April Fools again. Ana sits down with Nimer Jaber to learn how this is a real thing on the newly released Samsung Galaxy S5. Touch Wiz has been improved and a whole slew of new access options came along in the box. Hear what’s new before you sign that next cell phone contract!


We got in lots and lots of mail, iReports and tweets about how you liked [or in many cases didn’t] our April Fools programming on our show, our Sister show “Triple Click Home” and of course “SeroTalk”. After we sterilize some of the keyboards and Braille Displays from reading those comments… we’ll share them. For now, even if you didn’t like the show, be sure to check out how well our gang did over at 3ch. There is some sly Google content in that show. We promise!

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