Listen to That Android Show Episode 33: Crusade Of One

They say that comedy relies on timing. Well, it turns out the same can be applied to podcasting. The day we had scheduled for the recording of this month’s show just coincidentally happened to be the same day Google informed the world about Android L. Listen as JJ, Ana and Steve talk about the latest news as it happened in Episode 33!

In The News:

Android L is now Android lollypop and Official

All current Nexuses, including Nexus 4 and 2012 Nexus 7, will get Lollipop

Moto confirms update to L plans

Nexus 6 official

Nexus 9 Specs

Sick of your Galaxy Gear with Androidware? Just stick Windows 95 on it

Nexus Player is First Android TV box

Google Play Store v5.0

MBraille 1.1.1 for Android is out. Fixes an UI translation issue where English was shown even if translation was available.

From SeroTalk, Fleksy talks Android and more

Blinddroid Wallet Updated

Google’s conversational search adds Open Table

The Huddle 2 has been released

Android Developer Backstage Episode 14: Accessibility