Listen to That Android Show episode 32: NFC For You And Me

Steve and Joe drew the short straws this month to talk about what Android news is left on the table after a big Apple event. However, Joe also does a demo on the Google Now Launcher and how accessible it is with TalkBack versus his updated Galaxy S5 with Touch Wiz. Plus we have a great interview with code Factory. All that, and a bit more, on this month’s That Android Show.

In The News:

TalkBack was updated after our recording of this episode. Learn what’s new in this release by going to the Google Play Market page

As a follow up from episode 31: “For those who missed it earlier: #30DaysWithAndroid has a new home. No more Blogger! 😉 And a nice listing.”

Are blind Android users the Amish of our community?

A new article in which Gonz responds to Android fans

From AccessTech @AccessZa on Twitter, Sony Xperia S accessibility review

Amazon Prime Instant Video finally comes to Android

Google’s latest object recognition tech can spot everything in your living room

Google Unveils The Cartographer, Its Indoor Mapping Backpack

Nokia’s HERE Maps is coming to Android as a Samsung exclusive

Report: Microsoft, Samsung and others showing interest in Cyanogen

20 Google Now tips every Android user should know

What Happened to Motorola?

Review: The new Moto G doesn’t change much, but still a steal at $179

Sony launches trio of flagship devices, Z3, Z3 Compact, and Z3 Tablet

Galaxy Note 4 versus HTC One M8: Quick comparison

Moto 360 review—Beautiful outside, ugly inside

LG G Watch R: hands-on with LG’s Android smartwatch

Ouch! Fire Phone Drops From $199 To $0.99 On-Contract From AT&T, But At Least You Can Buy It In Europe Later This Month

App Demo: Google Now Launcher

Joe takes us on a short trip through some basic home screen differences between the recently revamped and released Google Now Launcher versus the Samsung Galaxy Series Touch Wiz interface. The Google Now Launcher is available for many phones and tablets running Kit Katt and is free. The Touch Wiz environment has many more hints and tips for speech users, however, it is nice to be able to hear what some aspects of the stock launcher would say under some conditions.

Developer Interview: Code Factory Global

Code Factory made the news earlier this year with the release of the very popular ETI voices. Joe sits down with Melanie Endres to talk Braille, more about voices and what changes are coming for the company in 2014 and beyond.

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