Listen to That Android Show Episode 28: Chips And Beer

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Welcome back everyone to a show that has lots of talk, demos and an awesome interview from a phone retailer. JJ is a world traveler this month, therefore, the other guy with a J in his name steps in to host with Ana and steve. We have a ton of iReports in the Mailbag, an app to help you relax and your next TTS for Halloween.

In The News:

Our own Ana appeared on the Eyes on Success show talking about the kindle Fire HDX. Check it out here…

Android Silver: everything you need to know – TechRadar UK

In relation to the Silver discussion, Google Now launcher Recently Updated

Flounder” could be the codename for Google’s next Nexus device

Motorola’s Moto E runs KitKat, resists scratches, costs $129 unlocked

HTC-made Nexus device shows up in Android source code

Google added the ability to take photos while recording video back to the stock camera app. Neat!

Google Maps 8 brings lane guidance, Uber integration, and more

From JJ on Twitter, if you use Android and Uber, sign up for the beta of 3.0 so accessibility comments can be heard.

Google Now Shows You a List of Stores When You Go to a Mall

Steve had a chance to use Guide Dots. To learn more about this app, check out the google Play page

The Eyes Free List found a way around the “Okay Google” bug by using OpenMic

Sample Phone Setup Options for Android

From Our That Android Show Twitter Feed, Kyle Borah ?@KyleBorah May 10 If any Talkback android users are looking for a good trivia game, check out quizup. Its very accessible. @thatandroidshow

Federal court overturns Google v. Oracle decision, setting disastrous precedent

The Ever-Sorrier State of Android Bloatware

Your Android can now endlessly play relaxing music for free, thanks to Doze

App Demo: Doze

After all the news, Ana needed time to relax. An what better way to relax than for free on your Android with the Doze app. Rain, music and more. Find inner peace or at least something to just have on in the background for white noise. Ana also sent in this note after we went to press…. “Doze has been updated. There is now an additional unlabeled button for donating to the developer. If you swipe through the UI, the donate button is before Doze and Recline. Tapping it takes users to the Play Store, where they can donate a little over a dollar.” Discussion, New voices

The team sits down and talks about Eloquent Witches. No wait, the team sat down to discuss Elequence and yes, a Witch voice. Jarrod Jicha ?@JichaMan1974 wrote on Twitter,

This is got to be the weirdest android voice I have ever heard!

Code Factory ETI on Google Play

Interview: Odin Mobile

Ana sits down with the team at odin mobile to discuss the many options they offer in phones, in support and now a few options for those who live in particular states to gain an even cheapr mobile device. You won’t want to miss this interview and you definitely want to visit their site to learn more.

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