Listen to That Android Show Episode 7: A Fly In Amber


Welcome back! We’ve gotten many questions in about Rooting and Flashing. And once we realized that these questions were about how to do this with phones, and not just your normal run of the mill spam, we reached out to someone to discuss these topics in our interview portion of the program. Along the way in this longer than usual episode, we have news and app reviews as well. So sit back and relax while we talk Android and access.


In The News:

CSUN held a bit of Android news with several new note takers adopting the OS as their platform of choice. Catch the SPN coverage

and the Blind Bargains coverage to learn more about the who, what and when in regards to these new devices.

We have a review from JJ later on in the show but here is the link for the news release for the Blind Bargains app for Android and something called iOS?

Access World reviews Android 4.0

Reactions to the Access World article have been fairly more controversial than the review itself.

App Development for a cause, check out the great work from the CSUN SS12 program

Here is a link to the “Rockets and Pumpkins” game described on a sidebar from the news conversation

The Android Market changes to Google Play. And some say it’s a mess!

One Ex Googller leaves but not before saying “Goodbye Cruel Google”

Can an iOS Developer make it in an Android world?

Google offering Rev Share to get Google Wallet off the ground

Google ad supported apps can drain your battery but can they also be a security risk?


App Reviews:

JJ takes us on a tour of the new Blind Bargains app now available on Google Play

Joe shows us a simple and easy to use app for listening to Leo LA Porte’s TWIT Network’s live stream of Tech News and Entertainment programming

Ana lets us find the Home Row with the Eyes Free Keyboard from the Google Eyes Free project


Interview With Phil Muir:

By popular request, we sit down with someone who explains to us about how to root and flash your phone to enjoy other versions of Android. We would like to thank Phil Muir for taking the time out to talk about his Android experiences and we encourage you to visit him on his Accessibility Training site if you would like to know more about his work.



Angelo thanked the TAS Team for episode 6 and our interview with Nolan. He mentioned that he would like to research getting a tablet as an introductory step into Android Accessibility.  Both JJ and Ana now have ICS devices. Naturally Joe is jealous because Verizon and he are not at the point of speaking terms on his upgrade yet. However, if you want to know more about JJ’s ARCHOS G9 tablet, you can find the product page here.

Mike Arigo also wrote in to tell us about this podcast that demonstrates the Android 4.0 setup process.

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