Listen to That Android Show Episode 8: Expensive Accidents


Welcome back to… wait a second. Something is strange here. This isn’t our normal kind of sho. We have reviews, an interview and the news of course. But we seem to be missing a J.J. and we also seem to have gained a Steve? Yep, J.J. was unable to join us this month but not to worry as Steve Nutt is on board to round out the conversation. And he will be joining our crew more often as he and J.J. and Ana all have Android 4.0. And Joe can still only dream.

In The News

Larry Page says that Android isn’t critical to Google?

The mobile version of Talk is one of the many services seeing end of life as Google slims down services further

Project Glass was announced shortly after our last episode, what portions of the glasses and the idea are real?

Joe gets his wish? Samsung and Apple to find peace?

Samsung to unveil S Cloud to take on Apple’s iCloud

Sprint lays out ICS upgrade plans

Would Nokia sell better if it were Android based?

App Reviews

Ana begins her “Three Apps In three minutes” whirlwind tour with the upSound Down app for those who want an easier way of turning on their speakerphone options.

the Classic Weather notification app is the second of the three that Ana shows us. Have local tempatures and more right there in your notification bar.

And the final mini app review lets you put Big Ben in your pocket. Okay, not really, but you can have those famous chimes on your phone with Chime Time on android 4.0.

Joe takes us on a tour of Tune In Radio. One of those must have apps if you love the FM or the AM dial. You can find local content, podcasts and even some police and Fire signals with this free app.

Interview With G$ Of eScape Technology

We sit down with the creator of Text Talk and Dictator to discuss how he came about to developing for android, how he found out about Android accessibility and how you can help him with his current and future projects.

Don’t forget to also try out Text Talk

The Mood Ring Thermometer

and Dictator.  


Mike Arigo wrote in to remind us that the Bookshare app Go Read was now on the Android Play market.

George wrote in to ask about Chromebooks. Recently Google has updated the Chrome OS interface and none of us have really played with it yet. But, from Ars Technica, here is an article that details the changes in the new version of Chrome OS.

And a big thanks to matt who told us about Zedge which is an app that works with Android 4.0 for those who love custom ringtones.


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