Listen to That Android Show Episode 6: What Would You Do For A Klondike Phone?


Greetings and welcome back to the show that may or may not feature Anadroid 2.0. We have a full slate of app reviews, and great interview but first le’s start off with some news…


In The News

Google gets motivated by their purchase of Motorola being approved by the U.S..

Microsoft files complaint in the EU over Google’s Motorola acquisition claiming patten abuse as the cause of the complaint

Regulators say that Google can have motorolla but we still don’t trust you

Droid 4 arrives, but not with Android 4.0

Moto lays out ICS upgrade plans

HTC says first Ice Cream Sandwich updates land in March

Google and the Hardware Dream

Google planning massive “Experience Center” and secret test labs at Googleplex

Judge says Microsoft tactics were hard bargaining in nature, not strong arming when it comes to Android licensing

Here is a follow up article to a story we discussed on a previous show, Web OS to be more open than Android it seems

Android electronic commerce safer with Google Wallet fix

At long last, malware scanning comes to Google’s Android Market

Another option for money identification is here with the release of Darwin Wallet to the Android Market

5 things we would like to see from a Google Heds up Display

Almost edible Android phones from Japan


App Reviews

J.J. shows us how public transportation can be made easier with the HotStop app

Joe demonstrates how to do a simple blog post in Blogger

And shows us just how much things don’t work in Google Plus on Android 2.2.2

Ana takes us a tour of the Spiel Screen Reader for Android


Interview: Speaking Spiel And More

We sat down with Nolan Darilek to get his opinions on Android Development, the future of Spiel and his other projects. To keep up to date with his projects, visit his blog



We answer a few questions about Mobile Accessibility and modifying your phone with

Cyanogen Mod. Both allow the Android user to do things in a faster or more productive way. Plus, like any other user, both let you get away from skins like Moto Blur or HTC Sense on your Android phone.

And remember to visit the Eyes Free Lists as they are a great resource for finding out more, or for asking more detailed questions, about topics just like these.



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