Listen To That Android Show Episode 5: Anadroid

Welcome back to another episode of “That Android Show”. This month we answer some of your questions about Android version 4.0 in our interview portion of the program. But first up, here are some of the Google news highlights…

In The News

Sprint offers Mobile Accessibility to their Android customers

Mobile Accessibility now available in French and Portuguese

Google omits accessibility in new design guide

The Orion Project moves under the APH umbrella

The creative team behind Darwin Reader is thinking about a money identifier component. This drew our attention to this Eyes Free discussion on currently available money identifier options.

The Eyes Free keyboard has been updated to support newer tablets

See what the community thinks of this latest Eyes Free Keyboard update by reading this discussion thread.

The voice app adds Face Detection

Blio for Android now accessible

The Ideal Web Reader has seen an update. Find this and many more apps by the Ideal Group at this link.

Reviews and tweaks for Google TV 2.0

And you can use iBlink Radio to listen to this very podcast, and much more, on your updated Google TV as well.

JJ and Joe spoke about just a few Google stories in the SeroSpectives “This Year in AT” podcast. Check it out to hear their thoughts on Android’s changes in 2011

App Reviews

JJ takes a look at the ToDo TXT Touch. You can find this app on the Android Market

Ana reviews the changes in the new Ideal Web Reader. You can learn more by visiting this YouTube page.

Inside The Delicious Ice Cream Sandwich

Steve Nutt takes us on a small tour of Android 4.0 and he manages to make us very jealous. You can find out more about Mobile Accessibility by visiting the CompRoom website or by following Steve on Twitter


James asks our opinions about the Sony Ericson Xperia Play. We discussed this some in Episode 1, however, this CNET review does a better job at describing the good and the bad of this first Playstation enabled phone.

JJ helps Joe with his quest for a new phone with talk of the Droid 4 specs details from CES. This article gives a great head to head look at how the Droid 4 compares to another recently announced Verizon phone.


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