Listen to That Android Show Episode 4: Open Sourceness

Welcome back! J.J, Ana and Joe say goodbye to 2011 with news, a few app reviews and a wonderful interview.


In The News

We take a walk through the news with some great discussions on the stories listed below

Google condems Carrier IQ

Learn more about Carrier IQ by checking out SeroTalk 87

New version of Google Goggles

now available

New version of vOice

Web OS could be more open than Android

Why Android Upgrades take so long

Why Android will always be laggier than iOS

Android engages Siri … with Star Trek?

Ainovo Novo 7 is a dirt-cheap Ice Cream Sandwich tablet

Amaze your friends with the Android Phone Name Generator


App Reviews

JJ takes us on a tour of Darwin Reader

Ana takes us inside Code Factory’s Mobile Accessibility Suite

Joe plays games with us and shows off the free Mem app


Interview with Code Factory’s Edward Sanchez

The CEO of Code Factory sits down with J.J. and Ana to discuss the history and future of Mobile Accessibility. Be sure to catch the big news at the end of the interview!



We got in a question about running Google Android on your PC. Blue Stacks is one way of doing it, however, it may require you to have some useable vision.

Here is an article from Ars Technica that gives a better hands on description of the app.

We also got in a question from our email Inbox asking about cheap or basic Android phones. During the discussion J.J. mentions that he uses Phone Scoop and Android Police as good sites for staying up to date on the latest phones that would qualify in these areas.

In a response to some comments made by Mike Arigo, we talked about the status of the Blio app on Android.



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