Listen to That Android Show Episode 11:That’s Our thing


Greetings and welcome back to our show. This time we have another fantastic Developer Interview, another hardware Review and a few more surprises.

In The News:

Apple v. Samsung verdict is in: $1 billion loss for Samsung

Misunderstanding of Prior Art May Have Led to Apple-Samsung Verdict

Google on Apple vs. Samsung Verdict: Most Claims Don’t Relate to Core Android

In Wake of Samsung Verdict, HTC Does Not Intend To Settle

For Google Goggles and Glass, Google lands patent for automatic object recognition in videos, leaves no stone untagged

Google Goggles update brings support for devices without autofocus  

New TalkBack Beta  adds continuous reading mode to #Android 4.1, bug fixes, and performance enhancements.

Intersection Explorer now part of Maps on Android:

Google Maps now has schedules for more than one million public transit stops worldwide

Samsung Galaxy Note II official with 5.5-inch screen and Android Jelly Bean

Big Launcher app makes Android accessible for people with vision disabilities  

Users choose Androids over iPhones due to larger screens

Verizon Intros Suite of Apps for Visually Impaired

Android users finally buying paid apps, download numbers catching iPhone

App Review: Acapela voices

Steve takes the group on a tour of the new Accapella  TTS voices for Android. He’ll explain why he finds these voices better than other options available on the Play Market. To learn more about these voices, visit the Google Play Store page

Developer Interview: BookShare

Ana and J.J chat with Bookshare’s Vice President of Engineering Gerardo Capiel about the development process behind the successful Go Read app. The discussion doesn’t stop there as we learn more about Google’s “Summer of Code” and a story about how an intern added his own unique contribution to the Bookshare project. Also, learn about what the “Social Coding For Good” initiative is and how it is playing a big role in where things are going in the future for Bookshare.

App review: Ana and Go Read

Ana takes us on a trip around the Go Read app. And she reveals what popular book series she is reading as well. Take a listen to find out more about this amazing app and Ana’s reading habits.

Hardware Review: Galaxy S3 on Verizon

Two episodes in a row with an actual hardware review. It’s a shame we are running out of hosts who need to renew their hardware contracts. We may have to find more ways to get J.J. to fall into more pools at conventions in order for us to score more of these reviews! This time Joe is here with a phone he stole away from his wife. The Samsung Galaxy S III is the new hot phone to have  and we find out more about it in this hardware overview. Check out this Wiki page for the Galaxy S III to learn more about which carriers support the phone in its various flavors and configurations.

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