Listen to That Android Show Episode 10: Serious Schwag

Wow, we know its been a long time since we took our break for Google i/o and the Summer Conventions… but! We have a huge show this go around and we hope you will find that it was worth the wait. Especially if you were interested in trying a few Jellybeans!

In The News:

Meet Android 4.1 Jellybean

Here is the Change Log for Jellybean

Jellybean is faster thanks to the slick Project Butter

Google Maps adds Offline Mode in jellybean

T mobile, when is Jellybean coming to my phone and or tablet?

3 phones likely to get jellybean

More conjecture on possible Jellybean upgrade canidates

Jellybean will be harder to hack?

Adobe says no stand alone Flash for you Jellybean users

Accessibility gestures for Android 4.1

Google I/O 2012 – Making Android Apps Accessible

Reports of Jellybean issues with double tap navigation

Nexus 7 accessibility, where are we?

Introducing the nexus 7

Rounded corners in advertising, check out the Nexus 7 commercial

Nexus 7 16 GB sells out on Play Market

Nexus 7 suggested to cost $156 by iSupply

Report: Nexus 7 more repairable than iPads

Need something smaller? How about the Galaxy Note II

Google Play gets magazines and more

The Nexus Q

Sadly, this happened shortly after we recorded the show, Nexus Q launch delayed indefinitely, no longer available for pre-order

Google reveals Google Glass high above San Francisco

Additional info on Google Glass

App Review: Georgie and Synaptic

We had many emails and iReports asking us to discuss these new apps while we were on our break. Steve nutt takes a moment to describe and lay out the features of Georgie. It has a 14 day trial if you find that you want to take this for a spin from the Google Play Market.

Steve, who had more time on his hands to play with apps and things, also delves into another option in this arena in his description of “Synapptic”. To learn more about this alternative , visit the official website.

Developer Interview: Mozilla Firefox

Eitan Isaacson and Marco Zehe sit down with Ana and joe to discuss the approach and the development of accessibility in Firefox for Android.

The interview spotlights how users can download the firefox betas from the Google Play market and provide the team feedback on their experiences with Androids from 4.1 all the way back to version 2.2. 

Check out marco’s blog to keep up on what is new with firefox accessibility

And you can find out more about Mozilla at the MozillaProject website. We sincerely thank Eitan and Marco for their time and we urge everyone to download and see the tremendous efforts that have been taken to make Firefox work with Screen Readers.

Hardware Review: Droid 4

joe’s long search for a replacement handset has ended in his selection of the Motorola Droid 4. He showed it to JJ at the Summer Convention in Dallas, and through a series of events we’ve been asked not to elaborate on [but can spread rumor and conjecture  about], he too now has a Droid 4. JJ and joe take some time to talk about what they like, and are eagerly hoping for in the unit’s ICS update, with the phone that sports one of the best hardware keyboards on the market.

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