Listen to That Android Show Episode 19: Rumor Rumor Rumor!

This is by far one of the most jam packed content shows we’ve done since the Nexus 7 episode. And we even managed to talk about that new version of the 7 too. Therefore, by decree of the hosts, we claim that this show is a must listen. So many listener questions answered,all at once, we may have just run aground for topics on next month’s show!

In The News:

Nexus 7 receives bug fix update, should solve multitouch and GPS issues

Google begins rollout of Android Device Manager to help track your lost phone

Google Now just got a big update! It can now track concert tickets, transit times, rental cars, and much more

Google Helpouts to let you buy and sell video chats with experts

Nearby Explorer sees an update and here’s what is new…

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Droid 5 on the horizon?

Feature Preview: Graphic Labeling In TalkBack

Its one of the most asked questions to the crew of the podcast. When will it happen? How can I get it? Why isn’t it already there? Well, even though it is still in the beta stage, Ana takes us an early look at the Graphics Labeling feature in Android. Note, since this is still a beta, the final product may not resemble what is demonstrated in this episode.

Interview: Greg Stilson Of Humanware

We’ve been asked by many of you out there to do a segment on Brail and BraileBack. And we couldn’t be happier that Greg Stilson, Product Manager at Humanware, jumped at the chance to help us out with an interview about this very subject. Greg talks about the process, the approach and how humanware products are working with Android. This chat should do much to answer many of our recent mailbag questions about Braille and more!

Apps, Apps, Apps:

Tyler sent in an iReport about what were some good TalkBack friendly apps for the new Android user. The gang sat down and gave their thoughts on not only the new user, but some new apps as well.

The update to Barns And Noble’s “Nook” app is worth a look Steve says

JJ talks about the new Learning Ally app

Ana discusses the new GPS app Dotwalker

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And be sure to visit Ana’s new relaunched Accessible Android blog. She’d like feedback, suggestions and conversation about the new site!

Feature Preview: Text Selection

Knocking those Mailbag questions down one by one. This time Ana takes on the commonly asked question “How can I select text in Android?”. Remember, like Graphics Labeling earlier, this is in beta and so it may just change by the time the feature becomes officially supported. However, we wanted to show our listeners that it is coming and you can help give your feedback to the Development team before this finalizes later this year.


Greg, not the one from Humanware, writes in with this question…

“Hello all, is there a way to quickly mark emails for deletion and delete all at once using the native email/gmail applications in jellybean using brailleback? I’ll be on a road trip later this week and would like to be able to clean out emails while on the road. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
I’m using a Sprint Samsung Galaxy s3 with Jellybean 4.1, Talkback 3.5 beta1, and the latest version of Brailleback and an Alva bc640.
Greg Rogers”

Steve recommends Aquamail as a possible solution to Greg’s question

Ana also suggests looking at the batch function in K9 Mail too

Hardware Review: Chromecast

JJ describes the device, his setup process and he shares his thoughts on this new $35 device that connects to your Android or iDevice to share tabs and video from Chrome.

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