That Android Show Episode 14: A Good Problem To Have

Listen to That Android Show Episode 14: A Good Problem To Have

Yep, it’s been a while since you heard us last. We figured a whopping 150 minute podcast might need a little separation time before we showed up again in the RSS feed. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, etc. Still, we’ve been storing up your feedback and we’re back with another show on topics like OCR, ePub and more!

In The News:

The number 1 story of 2012, Fleksy, is coming to Android in 2013

Here’s an example of how the mainstream media is finding the Fleksy app useful and promoting it to other sighted users. “Are you prone to touch-screen typos? The Fleksy app is here to save you from yourself”

Check out the SPN SeroSpectives “Year in AT” for even more Android related news with JJ and Joe!

Verizon brings Mobile Accessibility to the Google Play market as a free service for those on Verizon Wireless

AT&T Launches Corporate Accessibility Technology Office and Further Expands Commitment to Customers with Disabilities

The official Nexus 7 Dock has arrived on store shelves. Here’s a review from Android Central.

Don’t forget, if you haven’t heard it already, we cover the Nexus 7 in-depth in episode 13. And this month Steve gives his opinion now that he was able to open his holiday gifts and join the Nexus 7 set.

You can find the page for the Martian watches Steve mentioned here

Braile Back officially released

And here is another link for BrailleBack information and supported displays

Ray Kurzweil joins google

Dropbox to be included on all Samsung flagship phones and cameras

Great Android Apps to Help the Visually Impaired

Some people stray from the path and then return to the fold. Such is the case with this blog post on “Adventures In Android”.

A T Guys seeking feedback on a possible @SpeedDots protector for the Nexus 7 with a short survey.

App Review: Moon Plus Reader Pro:

Steve has been telling the team about this app for months. Now he lets everyone else in on the party with a demo of this app that lets you read ePub files and so much more. Find the link to the app in the Play Market if you want to know more. Note, as Steve says in his review, you want to choose the paid option over the free one in order to have better luck with TalkBack.

App Review: Google Voice Actions:

Continuing our look at the Nexus 7, and Jellybean, Ana shows us just how powerful and amazing this built in app is for things beyond just searching the web on the topic of socks. You can learn more about Voice Actions from the official page and you can also read more about them from this link.

Second link non official

Ana also wanted to mention this helpful tip for a common question we get asked about all the time in regards to this app.

“Google Now often speaks results in its own voice, so users sometimes hear two voices, the voice of Google Now and the voice of the screen reader. To prevent this from happening, go to Settings>Language and

Input>Voice Search and set Speech Output to Only When Hands Free.”

Developer Interview: ScanThing:

Throughout our series we have gotten many questions about OCR apps and what is it like to develop them for Android. We were lucky enough to sit down with the ScanThing Developers for a long chat about their app and what the future may hold for an upcoming release. We would like to thank Eric and Razi for their time and for giving us such an open look at their process of development. Also, check out the demo of the app with Ana and Rusty perez that follows the Developer Interview segment. And, most importantly, you can find the app on the Play Market by heading over to the product page.


There were so many emails and iReports from everyone that we can’t feature them all in one show. We did want to say thank you for sending in your feedback and please continue sending it as it helps us create the show you, the listener, wants to hear on SPN! Many of your comments on episode 13 mirrored the below email;

““Hi guys,

I just wanted to thank you for your recent Jellybean coverage; it’s helping me decide on a mobile platform for college. I’ve been an iOS gal for a while, but I’m sort of between platforms at the moment, so I went to you guys to see the other side of the fence, so to speak. I appreciate the strengths of both platforms, but for my current needs and constraints I think the Nexus 7 is a viable option.

I do have a question about office type apps for the Nexus– are there any accessible solutions for browsing and editing Word documents? I have a desktop at home, but I’m interested in something portable. I’ve also been looking at keyboard cases for the Nexus 7 online; have any of you gotten to try one of those?

Again, thank you to everyone on SPN for providing such quality information and commentary. Especially for the Android team–TAS 13 was just what I needed.”

We’re happy so many enjoyed the nexus 7 show. It took a long time, however, you liked it. You really liked it! That wasn’t the only remarks we got in since lucky 13. Here’s just a smattering of the other comments we cover this episode.

Sebastian left us an iReport on another phone in the Samsung Galaxy line for T Mobile. And it has a keyboard! Want to know more? Check out this unboxing video from PhoneDog

We’ve gotten in several calls about that other Galaxy phone you may have heard of called the S III. Here are some tips we found about the phone that may answer some of the questions we’ve been hearing from our listeners.

Jane left us an iReport about games. There are really  some out there, check out our first episode for an interview with the creators of Stem Stumper, but the crew would love for our fans to give us some reviews of Audio Ping Pong from the Google Play Market!

Now for the emails, Greg writes in with the following;

“Hey That Android Show, I decided to go with the Galaxy s3 using Android and have just a couple questions

How do you maneuver seek controls with Talkback such as the 1 that controls screen brightness?

How do you cut/copy and paste text using Talkback?

Finally, what’s the best way to make use of the playbooks application in conjunction with Talkback?



Ana, in reply to Greg’s email, writes…

“1. To change the value of a slider, long-press (i.e., double-tap, keeping the finger on the screen after the second tap), then swipe left or right.

2. As far as I know, we don’t have a way to select text accessibly. I’ve been able to do it off and on, but I haven’t figured out how to do this predictably. This is the only area where there is a major gap in accessibility.

3. I use Play Books, but I’m not sure how I do it. I’ll pay attention so I can do an app review on the next show maybe.”

Just a little Inside Baseball, like so much that happened during the Nexus 7 special, the app changed in an recent update. So we will revisit Google Books, and Google Currents, again in a future show.

And talking about recent updates, our regular pen Pal Chris from across the pond fills us in on a few things since our last show;

“Just an update to my previous email, I’ve now learnt that Adobe Flash is still available but has to be downloaded from the Adobe archive page rather than from Google Play store.

I’ve also heard that Google may enable conection to adhoc connections at some stage, this means that a temporary wifi hotspot can be created on a mobile phone with 3g, and can be connected to by your tablet thus negating the need for a separate data plan or even buying a more expensive tablet with a 3g capability.

This kind of connection was only previously possible using ‘tethering’ to another Android phone, I have no details on when this will happen, just read it on the ‘smart wifi scanner’ app page, Google really should address this, as it’s already possible on Apple ipad’s so it’d be another strong selling point for Android devices.

Looking forward to TAS 13

Kind regards,



And another from Chris…

“Hi Guys,

Well show 13 was a long time coming, but well worth the wait!, really enjoyed listening to your in depth view on the Nexus 7, there’s nowhere else in the world to get that all important perspective from a visually impaired person’s point of view, so thanks!

An update on the Adobe flash saga, I managed to download it from the archive section of the Adobe site, it means you have to temorarily enable the option to accept third party apps to install it, but it’s now back on my ICS Archos tablet.

I heard on a UK tech podcast called ‘Frequency Cast’ that Google may be bringing out a sub $100 Nexus tablet in Spring 2013 which will be interesting.

Meanwhile on the Google Playstore the Nexus 4 in both 8 and 16Gb versions remains elusive.  The 16Gb model briefly became avaiable as an advance order of 6 weeks, and then promptly got updated back to ‘sold out’.  The LG factory must be working 24/7 at the moment and it seems very odd that Google should launch a product and then not be able to complete orders, they must have grossly under estimated the demand.

I do own an Archos G9 80 tablet, and despite some firmware issues which saw my tablet having to be replaced, I am actually pretty happy with it, at the time I was having the problems I swore I’d never buy another Archos product again then low and behold on their website   they have announced the release of the ‘Archos TV Connect’.

This is a samall box that connects directly to your TV via HDMI, has a host USB and SD card slot, has ethernet and WI-FI connectivity and is running Jellybean Android.  The clever bit is that it comes with a bluetooth remote which has a touch surface allowing users to swipe and tap the same way as you would your phone or tablet, thus effectively turning your TV into a huge tablet.  The prospects are great for low vision or even blind users because you can of course enable ‘talkback’ and access all your usual apps, but it’ll be really handy for accessing YouTube and Catch-up TV, I see it as a universal media centre that is Android powered – the best new is that it’s only going to cost £99 in the UK so I guess under $150

With these exciting innovations starting to filter through, I’m thinking that Android really will be the new Apple!

Best regards,

Chris Ankin


In episode 13, joe and Ana wanted to know if anyone had been using keyboard editing on their Nexus 7 units. Check out the show for an iReport and discussion on this topic. And take a gander at the email below for even more info;


Yes, you can copy and paste, etc., using a qwerty keyboard connected via a micro USB/USB cable. I use my Nexus 7 this way all the time. However, and this is a big one, I haven’t found any way to control echoing using talkback. It echoes every key you type and every word you type. It is also sluggish if you are used to a computer. This has meant I am not as anxious to compose on my tablet. It’s good for editing when all those details are really important.

The keyboard is also handy to find those pesky menu/more options buttons though you can’t right click anything. You still have to double tap and hold the screen.

hth, Rill””

Next, Carolyn’s email started quite the debate between all the team members. Here’s the email in question that set off the firestorm.


 Santa brought my husband, Dennis, the Nexis 10 for Christmas.  He loves it.  I gave him the 10 instead of the 7, reasoning that with the vision he has, the bigger screen would be best.

However, for me with no vision, I’m wondering which Nexis tablet is best.  The 7, 10, isn’t there a 4?

Or does it really make a difference for us totally blind guys?

Just curious to see what the team thinks.

Thanks and keep up the fabulous work!


Thanks for the email about the nexus 10. We think it comes down to the individual, okay some of us do, but many choose the 7 because of its size and weight. To each their own use case. Still, go to the shops and hold each in your hands before you make any purchases. Better to know in person than make a guess at it online.  

Contacting the Team

We’ve had our say, now its your turn. Drop us a line at or send us a tweet at our official Twitter page.

You can also follow our hosts by visiting

Ana’s Accessible Android blog or

JJ at Android

Finally, Check out Steve’s Twitter feed.

Thanks for listening!



That Android Show Episode 13: A Long Look At The Nexus 7

Listen to That Android Show Episode 13: A Long Look At The Nexus 7

2012 has been a banner year for Android and the Nexus line. Powered by the amazing Project Butter filled Jellybean, the rise of the Samsung Galaxy S III and the growth of the Play Market, Android became a worldwide sensation with adoption rates soring past the 1 million activations a day mark. The summer release of the Nexus 7, featuring the partnership of Google and Asus, started off a flurry of sales and it shoed that you could have the experience of stock Android in a good looking and affordable 7 inch tablet. While the team dreams of getting their hands on a new Nexus 4 or the delightful nexus 10, we turn instead to our trusty Nexus 7 units to provide you a long look at the tablet and the enhancements that come along with version 4.2 of Jellybean. Join Byron Lee, Ricky Enger, Ana and Joe as they discuss their thoughts on the good and the bad of the Nexus 7.

In The News

Let’s start with the “What’s new” page for jellybean 4.2

Ars Technica reviews Jellybean 4.2

Android 4.2.1 rolling out to take back the month of December

Here’s the Play Market page for the nexus 7 8 BG

take a look at the Accessibility page for the Nexus 7

Also, for more SPN goodness on the Nexus 7 and other tablets, be sure to listen to our second Mobile Special “Scratching The Surface With Mike Calvo”

A Discussion Of low Vision Use Of The Nexus 7 With Byron Lee And Joe

We’ve had a lot of requests to chat about using low vision related apps on Android. Byron Lee recently acquired a Nexus 7 and he stopped by to offer his thoughts on the unit and provided some tips for using Android in general.

Change System Fonts to APHont

Below are the steps Mr. lee provided for changing your system fonts. Beware that this requires you to root your phone and you would seriously need to decide if you would want to do that before pursuing this option. Also, we don’t recommend rooting on the show. So, do this at your own risk!

Here are the steps from Byron:

1) root phone

2) changed her default fonts to BOLD APHONT–a low vision font

APH Products: APHont A Font for Low Vision

note: the default fonts for android are in the device folder


and i replaced both




with APHont bold, but i made sure to rename it as “DroidSans.ttf” and


*** i also kept a backup copy of those 2 fonts! ***

3) rebooted

4) changed the default font SIZE using “Font Size (for root users)”;

published by i-p-tel GmbH, and available on the Android Market.

5) rebooted again

6) installed JORTE for calendar — syncs w/ google calendar

Byron also recommended these apps as being low vision friendly

Big Font

Mobile Accessibility

BIG Launcher

ScreenZooM (rooted)

Battery Notifier (Big Text)

K-9 Mail

Dolphin Browser

iBlink Radio


First up, an email from Mike Arigo

“Hey guys, loved the show!

I don’t know of any qwerty phones that have jellybean out of the box, but if you’re willing to learn how to install different roms, you have several options. I’m running 4.1.2 on my sony xperia pro, my sony xperia mini pro, my htc desire z and my htc my touch 4g slide. All of these phones have qwerty keyboards, and were never officially updated to jellybean, but they run it very well. These phones only work with GSM, that’s why I don’t like CDMA, you’re too limited in what phones you can use. I’m with Steve, I prefer to buy my phones directly, as far as I’m concerned, the carrier control needs to end at the sim card.

That’s a shame about motorola phones, but I’m not surprised. Motorola has always been one of the slowest companies to update their phones, and on top of that, they don’t allow you to unlock or easily root them to install other roms. I have 2 motorola phones that are stuck on 2.3, they could easily run jellybean but I can’t gain the access to do it.

Unless Motorola changes their policy on letting you install other roms, I will never purchase or recommend motorola phones again.”

Next, Chris writes in with an ARCHOS update


Just wanted to say once again how much I enjoy the show, love the news and app reviews which are nicely put together, unlike the ‘Android Police’

podcast which although at times interesting seems to be so full of waffle!

Anyway, I’ve recently gotten a replacement Archos 80 G9 250Gb tablet, after Archos most recent firmware 4.0.25 turned my previous flash/SD G9 device into a ‘plastic brick’ (long story but the forums are full of tales of woe and lousy customer service).

Whilst replacing all the lost apps, I noticed that Adobe Flash Player has vanished from the Playstore, although I haven’t come across a problem in not having it installed so far, is their any alternative out there?, I assume it’s primarily for video playback?

Best wishes



Well Chris, um no. Chrome is one way of getting around some issues with Flash content. And Adobe only is allowing new Flash installs for the BBC iPlayer. But this isn’t a consistent thing and it does depend on the region you live in as to if it remains on the Play Store. If you have installed it before, it is in the “All Apps” section of your Play market options. 

Lastly, Norman writes in with more info on using Hotmail


I’m a longtime fan of That Android Show, great show.

I just finished listening to episode 12.

I wanted to comment on the e-mail from chris about setting up Hotmail on your android.

I set it up using Microsoft exchange.

Use as your mail server.

I’ll also include the link on where you can go to get instructions on how to set this up.

these steps are a little tricky but I did it without sighted assistance


Thanks Norman and thanks to everyone else who wrote in, left us iReports in iBlink Radio or who drop us a line on Twitter. We’re looking very forward to hearing your nexus 7 experiences!

Contacting the Team

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Thanks for listening!



That Android Show Episode 12: This One Matches My Outfit

Listen to That Android Show Episode 12: This One Matches My Outfit

Welcome back everyone to hear what J.J., Ana and even our dear friend Steve, have to say about the latest in the world of Android Access. This month is a bit quieter, however, it looks like things won’t be calm for long if the news forcasts are right.

In The News:

Android 4.1.2 brings home screen rotation to devices

Download: Android 4.1.2 JZO54K Update for Nexus 7

Google Is Holding An Android Event On October 29th

Android 4.2 to feature second pull down panel with quick settings

Android APK 4.2 teardown shows Google getting serious about security

Google Play may get its own built-in virus scanner

From rumor to retail: the full story of Google’s fourth-generation Nexus

Google’s $99 Nexus tablet will reportedly launch ahead of the holidays

Google may own Motorola, but carriers still have their way with Android

Motorola To Customers: Sorry, No Android Upgrades For Your New-ish Devices

Gmail App for Android Features Long-Awaited Updates

Google Calendar for Android becomes stand-alone app

Judge Says Fair Use Protects Universities in Book-Scanning Project | Threat Level

Apps4Android Releases Beta Version of Accessible Voter Information Guide

Ideal Currency Reader

iOS, Android apps are porking up, research firm says

Where the internet lives, a peak at a Google data center

Will It Blend? iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 put through the ringer

App Review: Google Translate

Ana shows us the power of your Android Camera and more with Google Translate. Did you know you could have a conversation with your android? Find out more and hear what’s for dinner in this overview of the free App from Google.

App Review: Google Currents

Over the next few months we will be focusing in on the Nexus 7 as it’s the best, and really affordable, device for keeping up with the latest from the Android release vaults. With that in mind, joe takes us on a tour of the Google Currents App this month. Google Currents is the stock news reader for the nexus 7 and it is easy to use for light reading.

App Review: Ride metra

J.J. is always on the go. So having a great transit app on his phone can be the difference for him either being late or just there in the nick of time. He shows us how this app works with trains in his area and more. You can find this app on the Play Store here.  


We were thrilled to receive so many iReports from new users of Android. We focus on a few of those this month in the show, however, we also wanted to share a few of the emails from the mailbag as well.

Chris from the UK writes in with comments about Hotmail.

Loving the show, I’ve recently bought an Archos 80 G9 tablet with ICS now upgraded, and finding it pretty accessible having overcome my fears of buying a touchscreen device, and choosing the Android over Ipad.

I do have a couple questions which I hope you may be able to shed some light on,

1. I could use an accessible hotmail client, I like Microsoft’s only official app, it offers multiple account suppoprt and email notifications, however once I get to my emails it only reads out the subject header not the actual body of the text, not sure if this is something in the incoming text format but it’s a big frustration!

Oddly I have the same thing with ‘Documents to Go’ I’m able to load up documents, but when I touch the screen it simply won’t read what’s there, using talkback and explore by touch with Ivona Amy English voice installed,

Any suggestions would be welcome!

Finally this one may be a little more techy, the Archos has the facility to add a 3G dongle to gain internet connection on the go, however most of the time I use my tablet at home or in hotels, but of course there will be the odd occasion when I’d like to use it in a non wifi area.

I can’t justify buying a data plan on a 3G network, and wanted to tether or access the web through my Nokia N82 mobile phone.  I installed a little app on my phone called JoyKuSpot which effectively turns the cellphone into a mobile Adhoc wifi hotspot, I can certainly detect it and use it with a PC laptop, however Android doesn’t recognise it, I installed an app called ‘wifi scanner’ and it’s now visible to the tablet, but it won’t connect.

From what I’ve read Android won’t allow connection to Adhoc hotspots, there is an app called Z-180 Adhoc’ but from some of the reviews it can seriously mess up your wifi on some devices, not being particulary techy I don’t want to take that risk – are they likely to enable adhoc connection in Jellybean or perhaps someone create a safe app to do this?, a friend has an Ipad and is able to connect to Adhoc, why are Android locking out this feature and liniting their users?

Sorry if this is a lot to answer, but thanks in advance,

Keep up the fantastic work,


Chris Ankin


Chris also writes us again with a follow up to his first email.

It’s certainly odd that there is this inaccessability amongst email apps, one would have thought that reading out a body of text would be relatively simple!  I have found an app called ‘Handy Hotmail’ which can do it, the downside is that it’s not really very feature packed, and as far as I can discover only supports one hotmail account, so I’d love one that provides everything under one roof so to speak,

Another app with potential is ‘PDF to Speech’ which has great potential as it does what it claims, however it could use a couple of dedicated play/pause buttons rather than gestures for users with sight loss, and I’ve suggested this to the developers,

Best regards,



The team also mentions ideal K9 for email as well if you want an app that has been known for being reliable and Talkback friendly over the years. Find our thoughts on it from an earlier show on this very blog. 

Next, Eugene writes in to talk about file managers and to answer a question from Episode 11.

Hi everyone:

First, let me tell you how much I’ve been enjoying your android podcasts.  I’m anxiously looking forward to the next one.

You asked about apps which might be accessible.  Well, I suggest two for your approval.

The first one is Videos App.  There are times when I wish to play a video which I downloaded (such as the news) and the browser won’t recognize the file when I click on it.  In cases like this, I need an app which simply finds and plays the video.  Videos does just that.

You click on the icon, and the app will look for videos and list them. 

Then all you do is touch the video’s name, or use the keyboard, and away you go.  When you’re done, close it.  That’s that.

The other app is AndroZip File Manager, which reminds me of a Unix file manager.  If you wish to get a look at your files, or possibly archive them, this is the app you’d use.  The buttons on AndroZip are nicely marked, and keyboard access is very good, too.  In fact, the only problem with it is that it’s not flashy, but if you don’t care for sizzle, but you care about functionality and accessibility, you’ll love AndroZip.

AndroZip File Manager is put out by AgileSoft, while Videos is put out by Android Code Monkey (  I’m sure you’ll love both of these apps.

Finally, I suspect that with the advent of ICE and JB, the arena of accessible apps will grow like mushrooms.  I’ve already noticed that I’ve gotten to parts of the screen that were not accessible in earlier versions of Android, and I’m sure this opening up will continue.

Continued good luck, and have a good evening.

Eugene A. Hetzer Jr.

Eugene also writes in to mention marco’s blog from Episode 10’s great interview segment.

Hi everyone:

I wanted to mention to you that I went to Marco Zehe’s blog.  It’s a very interesting place to be, and in there there’s an engaging article about making apps accessible.

It turns out that there’s a lot more to it than simply labeling buttons.  This is especially true on the web, which is mouse-driven.

For more about this, go to the blog and read the article, which was well thought out.

Thank you, and have a good day.


Eugene A. Hetzer Jr.

Contacting the Team

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Thanks for listening!




That Android Show Episode 11: That’s Our Thing

Listen to That Android Show Episode 11:That’s Our thing


Greetings and welcome back to our show. This time we have another fantastic Developer Interview, another hardware Review and a few more surprises.

In The News:

Apple v. Samsung verdict is in: $1 billion loss for Samsung

Misunderstanding of Prior Art May Have Led to Apple-Samsung Verdict

Google on Apple vs. Samsung Verdict: Most Claims Don’t Relate to Core Android

In Wake of Samsung Verdict, HTC Does Not Intend To Settle

For Google Goggles and Glass, Google lands patent for automatic object recognition in videos, leaves no stone untagged

Google Goggles update brings support for devices without autofocus  

New TalkBack Beta  adds continuous reading mode to #Android 4.1, bug fixes, and performance enhancements.

Intersection Explorer now part of Maps on Android:

Google Maps now has schedules for more than one million public transit stops worldwide

Samsung Galaxy Note II official with 5.5-inch screen and Android Jelly Bean

Big Launcher app makes Android accessible for people with vision disabilities  

Users choose Androids over iPhones due to larger screens

Verizon Intros Suite of Apps for Visually Impaired

Android users finally buying paid apps, download numbers catching iPhone

App Review: Acapela voices

Steve takes the group on a tour of the new Accapella  TTS voices for Android. He’ll explain why he finds these voices better than other options available on the Play Market. To learn more about these voices, visit the Google Play Store page

Developer Interview: BookShare

Ana and J.J chat with Bookshare’s Vice President of Engineering Gerardo Capiel about the development process behind the successful Go Read app. The discussion doesn’t stop there as we learn more about Google’s “Summer of Code” and a story about how an intern added his own unique contribution to the Bookshare project. Also, learn about what the “Social Coding For Good” initiative is and how it is playing a big role in where things are going in the future for Bookshare.

App review: Ana and Go Read

Ana takes us on a trip around the Go Read app. And she reveals what popular book series she is reading as well. Take a listen to find out more about this amazing app and Ana’s reading habits.

Hardware Review: Galaxy S3 on Verizon

Two episodes in a row with an actual hardware review. It’s a shame we are running out of hosts who need to renew their hardware contracts. We may have to find more ways to get J.J. to fall into more pools at conventions in order for us to score more of these reviews! This time Joe is here with a phone he stole away from his wife. The Samsung Galaxy S III is the new hot phone to have  and we find out more about it in this hardware overview. Check out this Wiki page for the Galaxy S III to learn more about which carriers support the phone in its various flavors and configurations.

Contacting the Team

We’ve had our say, now its your turn. Drop us a line at or send us a tweet at our official Twitter page.

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Thanks for listening!

Please take this screen reader user survey and help spread the word about System Access.


That Android Show Episode 10: Serious Schwag

Listen to That Android Show Episode 10: Serious Schwag

Wow, we know its been a long time since we took our break for Google i/o and the Summer Conventions… but! We have a huge show this go around and we hope you will find that it was worth the wait. Especially if you were interested in trying a few Jellybeans!

In The News:

Meet Android 4.1 Jellybean

Here is the Change Log for Jellybean

Jellybean is faster thanks to the slick Project Butter

Google Maps adds Offline Mode in jellybean

T mobile, when is Jellybean coming to my phone and or tablet?

3 phones likely to get jellybean

More conjecture on possible Jellybean upgrade canidates

Jellybean will be harder to hack?

Adobe says no stand alone Flash for you Jellybean users

Accessibility gestures for Android 4.1

Google I/O 2012 – Making Android Apps Accessible

Reports of Jellybean issues with double tap navigation

Nexus 7 accessibility, where are we?

Introducing the nexus 7

Rounded corners in advertising, check out the Nexus 7 commercial

Nexus 7 16 GB sells out on Play Market

Nexus 7 suggested to cost $156 by iSupply

Report: Nexus 7 more repairable than iPads

Need something smaller? How about the Galaxy Note II

Google Play gets magazines and more

The Nexus Q

Sadly, this happened shortly after we recorded the show, Nexus Q launch delayed indefinitely, no longer available for pre-order

Google reveals Google Glass high above San Francisco

Additional info on Google Glass

App Review: Georgie and Synaptic

We had many emails and iReports asking us to discuss these new apps while we were on our break. Steve nutt takes a moment to describe and lay out the features of Georgie. It has a 14 day trial if you find that you want to take this for a spin from the Google Play Market.

Steve, who had more time on his hands to play with apps and things, also delves into another option in this arena in his description of “Synapptic”. To learn more about this alternative , visit the official website.

Developer Interview: Mozilla Firefox

Eitan Isaacson and Marco Zehe sit down with Ana and joe to discuss the approach and the development of accessibility in Firefox for Android.

The interview spotlights how users can download the firefox betas from the Google Play market and provide the team feedback on their experiences with Androids from 4.1 all the way back to version 2.2. 

Check out marco’s blog to keep up on what is new with firefox accessibility

And you can find out more about Mozilla at the MozillaProject website. We sincerely thank Eitan and Marco for their time and we urge everyone to download and see the tremendous efforts that have been taken to make Firefox work with Screen Readers.

Hardware Review: Droid 4

joe’s long search for a replacement handset has ended in his selection of the Motorola Droid 4. He showed it to JJ at the Summer Convention in Dallas, and through a series of events we’ve been asked not to elaborate on [but can spread rumor and conjecture  about], he too now has a Droid 4. JJ and joe take some time to talk about what they like, and are eagerly hoping for in the unit’s ICS update, with the phone that sports one of the best hardware keyboards on the market.

Contacting the Team

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That Android Show Episode 9: Mainstream All the Way

Listen to That Android Show Episode 9: Mainstream All The Way

Its our first show with JJ, Ana and Steve! And it also just happens to be full of great info and reviews. Which is good as with the upcoming Google I.O. event, the Summer U.S. and UK conventions and somewhere along the way some time to sleep… it will be a while before we meet up again. But when we do, expect a jam packed episode with even more news and reviews than this episode!

In The News:

Code factory releases Braille Support For Mobile Accessibility

Draw Braille Concept is a Smartphone for the Blind

Firefox for Android begins to add Accessibility Support

Google’s Grand Plan for Android

NLS App for Android?

New Android Accessibility resources now available from Google

Review of the Samsung Galaxy S 3 by CNET

Apple and Samsung walk away from the negotiation table, is cross licensing doomed?

 “They weren’t even close” says a jury member on the Google V. Oricle trial

App And Hardware Reviews:

Ana shows us just how easy it is to take notes, make lists and more with uNote

JJ takes us on a short tour of his ARCHOS G9 tablet running Android 4.0.

Steve gets all mellow with Zello the walkie talkie app for online community conversations


Mary writes in to let us know that she is in the market to buy a good hardware keyboard based phone and she would like our recommendations. The unit that is getting the best reviews at the moment for those who have to have their keyboards is the Motorola Droid 4 on Verizon. Joe, in fact, purchased this phone recently and he will review it on a future episode. Sneak preview, he agrees with many reviews that this keyboard is fantastic.

We talk a bit about TV apps based on an email in our mailbag. Steve, in the UK, notes that Sky Plus has several options including the RecordIt app. Let us know what apps you find accessible for TV listings or for watching video and you may hear them reviewed on an upcoming show. 

Contacting the Team

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That Android Show Episode 8: Expensive Accidents

Listen to That Android Show Episode 8: Expensive Accidents


Welcome back to… wait a second. Something is strange here. This isn’t our normal kind of sho. We have reviews, an interview and the news of course. But we seem to be missing a J.J. and we also seem to have gained a Steve? Yep, J.J. was unable to join us this month but not to worry as Steve Nutt is on board to round out the conversation. And he will be joining our crew more often as he and J.J. and Ana all have Android 4.0. And Joe can still only dream.

In The News

Larry Page says that Android isn’t critical to Google?

The mobile version of Talk is one of the many services seeing end of life as Google slims down services further

Project Glass was announced shortly after our last episode, what portions of the glasses and the idea are real?

Joe gets his wish? Samsung and Apple to find peace?

Samsung to unveil S Cloud to take on Apple’s iCloud

Sprint lays out ICS upgrade plans

Would Nokia sell better if it were Android based?

App Reviews

Ana begins her “Three Apps In three minutes” whirlwind tour with the upSound Down app for those who want an easier way of turning on their speakerphone options.

the Classic Weather notification app is the second of the three that Ana shows us. Have local tempatures and more right there in your notification bar.

And the final mini app review lets you put Big Ben in your pocket. Okay, not really, but you can have those famous chimes on your phone with Chime Time on android 4.0.

Joe takes us on a tour of Tune In Radio. One of those must have apps if you love the FM or the AM dial. You can find local content, podcasts and even some police and Fire signals with this free app.

Interview With G$ Of eScape Technology

We sit down with the creator of Text Talk and Dictator to discuss how he came about to developing for android, how he found out about Android accessibility and how you can help him with his current and future projects.

Don’t forget to also try out Text Talk

The Mood Ring Thermometer

and Dictator.  


Mike Arigo wrote in to remind us that the Bookshare app Go Read was now on the Android Play market.

George wrote in to ask about Chromebooks. Recently Google has updated the Chrome OS interface and none of us have really played with it yet. But, from Ars Technica, here is an article that details the changes in the new version of Chrome OS.

And a big thanks to matt who told us about Zedge which is an app that works with Android 4.0 for those who love custom ringtones.


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That Android Show Episode 7: A Fly In Amber

Listen to That Android Show Episode 7: A Fly In Amber


Welcome back! We’ve gotten many questions in about Rooting and Flashing. And once we realized that these questions were about how to do this with phones, and not just your normal run of the mill spam, we reached out to someone to discuss these topics in our interview portion of the program. Along the way in this longer than usual episode, we have news and app reviews as well. So sit back and relax while we talk Android and access.


In The News:

CSUN held a bit of Android news with several new note takers adopting the OS as their platform of choice. Catch the SPN coverage

and the Blind Bargains coverage to learn more about the who, what and when in regards to these new devices.

We have a review from JJ later on in the show but here is the link for the news release for the Blind Bargains app for Android and something called iOS?

Access World reviews Android 4.0

Reactions to the Access World article have been fairly more controversial than the review itself.

App Development for a cause, check out the great work from the CSUN SS12 program

Here is a link to the “Rockets and Pumpkins” game described on a sidebar from the news conversation

The Android Market changes to Google Play. And some say it’s a mess!

One Ex Googller leaves but not before saying “Goodbye Cruel Google”

Can an iOS Developer make it in an Android world?

Google offering Rev Share to get Google Wallet off the ground

Google ad supported apps can drain your battery but can they also be a security risk?


App Reviews:

JJ takes us on a tour of the new Blind Bargains app now available on Google Play

Joe shows us a simple and easy to use app for listening to Leo LA Porte’s TWIT Network’s live stream of Tech News and Entertainment programming

Ana lets us find the Home Row with the Eyes Free Keyboard from the Google Eyes Free project


Interview With Phil Muir:

By popular request, we sit down with someone who explains to us about how to root and flash your phone to enjoy other versions of Android. We would like to thank Phil Muir for taking the time out to talk about his Android experiences and we encourage you to visit him on his Accessibility Training site if you would like to know more about his work.



Angelo thanked the TAS Team for episode 6 and our interview with Nolan. He mentioned that he would like to research getting a tablet as an introductory step into Android Accessibility.  Both JJ and Ana now have ICS devices. Naturally Joe is jealous because Verizon and he are not at the point of speaking terms on his upgrade yet. However, if you want to know more about JJ’s ARCHOS G9 tablet, you can find the product page here.

Mike Arigo also wrote in to tell us about this podcast that demonstrates the Android 4.0 setup process.

Contact Us

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That Android Show Episode 6: What Would You Do For A Clondike Phone?

Listen to That Android Show Episode 6: What Would You Do For A Klondike Phone?


Greetings and welcome back to the show that may or may not feature Anadroid 2.0. We have a full slate of app reviews, and great interview but first le’s start off with some news…


In The News

Google gets motivated by their purchase of Motorola being approved by the U.S..

Microsoft files complaint in the EU over Google’s Motorola acquisition claiming patten abuse as the cause of the complaint

Regulators say that Google can have motorolla but we still don’t trust you

Droid 4 arrives, but not with Android 4.0

Moto lays out ICS upgrade plans

HTC says first Ice Cream Sandwich updates land in March

Google and the Hardware Dream

Google planning massive “Experience Center” and secret test labs at Googleplex

Judge says Microsoft tactics were hard bargaining in nature, not strong arming when it comes to Android licensing

Here is a follow up article to a story we discussed on a previous show, Web OS to be more open than Android it seems

Android electronic commerce safer with Google Wallet fix

At long last, malware scanning comes to Google’s Android Market

Another option for money identification is here with the release of Darwin Wallet to the Android Market

5 things we would like to see from a Google Heds up Display

Almost edible Android phones from Japan


App Reviews

J.J. shows us how public transportation can be made easier with the HotStop app

Joe demonstrates how to do a simple blog post in Blogger

And shows us just how much things don’t work in Google Plus on Android 2.2.2

Ana takes us a tour of the Spiel Screen Reader for Android


Interview: Speaking Spiel And More

We sat down with Nolan Darilek to get his opinions on Android Development, the future of Spiel and his other projects. To keep up to date with his projects, visit his blog



We answer a few questions about Mobile Accessibility and modifying your phone with

Cyanogen Mod. Both allow the Android user to do things in a faster or more productive way. Plus, like any other user, both let you get away from skins like Moto Blur or HTC Sense on your Android phone.

And remember to visit the Eyes Free Lists as they are a great resource for finding out more, or for asking more detailed questions, about topics just like these.



We’ve had our say, now its your turn. Drop us a line at or send us a tweet at our official Twitter page.


You can also follow our hosts by visiting

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JJ at Android

You can find Joe’s Twitter feed at The Ranger Station too.


Thanks for listening!



That Android Show Episode 5: Anadroid

Listen To That Android Show Episode 5: Anadroid

Welcome back to another episode of “That Android Show”. This month we answer some of your questions about Android version 4.0 in our interview portion of the program. But first up, here are some of the Google news highlights…

In The News

Sprint offers Mobile Accessibility to their Android customers

Mobile Accessibility now available in French and Portuguese

Google omits accessibility in new design guide

The Orion Project moves under the APH umbrella

The creative team behind Darwin Reader is thinking about a money identifier component. This drew our attention to this Eyes Free discussion on currently available money identifier options.

The Eyes Free keyboard has been updated to support newer tablets

See what the community thinks of this latest Eyes Free Keyboard update by reading this discussion thread.

The voice app adds Face Detection

Blio for Android now accessible

The Ideal Web Reader has seen an update. Find this and many more apps by the Ideal Group at this link.

Reviews and tweaks for Google TV 2.0

And you can use iBlink Radio to listen to this very podcast, and much more, on your updated Google TV as well.

JJ and Joe spoke about just a few Google stories in the SeroSpectives “This Year in AT” podcast. Check it out to hear their thoughts on Android’s changes in 2011

App Reviews

JJ takes a look at the ToDo TXT Touch. You can find this app on the Android Market

Ana reviews the changes in the new Ideal Web Reader. You can learn more by visiting this YouTube page.

Inside The Delicious Ice Cream Sandwich

Steve Nutt takes us on a small tour of Android 4.0 and he manages to make us very jealous. You can find out more about Mobile Accessibility by visiting the CompRoom website or by following Steve on Twitter


James asks our opinions about the Sony Ericson Xperia Play. We discussed this some in Episode 1, however, this CNET review does a better job at describing the good and the bad of this first Playstation enabled phone.

JJ helps Joe with his quest for a new phone with talk of the Droid 4 specs details from CES. This article gives a great head to head look at how the Droid 4 compares to another recently announced Verizon phone.


Got something to say? You can send us an email to or leave us an iReport through the iBlink Radio app. You can also follow the official Twitter feed for that Android Show. If you want to keep up with our hosts, here’s how.

Keep up with Ana by reading the Accessible Android blog.

Keep up with JJ through the Android web site.

Keep up with Joe by following The Ranger Station on Twitter.

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