Listen to That Android Show Episode 9: Mainstream All The Way

Its our first show with JJ, Ana and Steve! And it also just happens to be full of great info and reviews. Which is good as with the upcoming Google I.O. event, the Summer U.S. and UK conventions and somewhere along the way some time to sleep… it will be a while before we meet up again. But when we do, expect a jam packed episode with even more news and reviews than this episode!

In The News:

Code factory releases Braille Support For Mobile Accessibility

Draw Braille Concept is a Smartphone for the Blind

Firefox for Android begins to add Accessibility Support

Google’s Grand Plan for Android

NLS App for Android?

New Android Accessibility resources now available from Google

Review of the Samsung Galaxy S 3 by CNET

Apple and Samsung walk away from the negotiation table, is cross licensing doomed?

 “They weren’t even close” says a jury member on the Google V. Oricle trial

App And Hardware Reviews:

Ana shows us just how easy it is to take notes, make lists and more with uNote

JJ takes us on a short tour of his ARCHOS G9 tablet running Android 4.0.

Steve gets all mellow with Zello the walkie talkie app for online community conversations


Mary writes in to let us know that she is in the market to buy a good hardware keyboard based phone and she would like our recommendations. The unit that is getting the best reviews at the moment for those who have to have their keyboards is the Motorola Droid 4 on Verizon. Joe, in fact, purchased this phone recently and he will review it on a future episode. Sneak preview, he agrees with many reviews that this keyboard is fantastic.

We talk a bit about TV apps based on an email in our mailbag. Steve, in the UK, notes that Sky Plus has several options including the RecordIt app. Let us know what apps you find accessible for TV listings or for watching video and you may hear them reviewed on an upcoming show. 

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