Listen To That Android Show Episode 1: Mimea’s Android Party


Hello, and welcome to the first episode of “That Android Show”. When not listening to our podcast or reading this site, you can keep up with our hosts and get lots of valuable info. Check out J.J.’s Android site.
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News from The Android Landscape

Here are links to the news stories we discussed in Episode 1.

Android OEMs should hear Microsoft, Nokia out on Google-Motorola combo

New Gmail for Android (has better sync & notifications, plus big improvements for accessibility.

Find the Android Market page for Gmail here.

ACB and Google partner to offer survey on computer usage patterns

Android users twice as likely to see malware than six months ago:

Google TV add-on for Android SDK gives developers a path to the big screen

App reviews

Here are the android Market Links for the Apss discussed in Episode 1.

Anna reviewed the Keyboard Tutor by Eyes Free Project

J.J reviewed Flipzu

Joe provided a short demo of iBlink Radio by Serotek Corporation.

App Developer Spotlight

Each month we will try and speak to an Android App Developer, or other notable Android-type person, and this month we are pleased to throw the spotlight on Ananse Productions.
Their popular “Stem Stumper” game has just been released for Android and we discuss some of the challenges in bringing this game across platforms.

You can always find out more by reading the blog at the Ananse Production website or follow Ananseprods on Twitter.

When you’re ready to play the game, you can try out Stem Stumper Lite or the full edition of Stem Stumper.

hardware Discussion

Joe took a moment to discuss the new Xperia Play.

You can learn a lot more about this phone by reading the CNet review of the new device on Verizon.


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