Joe and JJ, plus Ricky from SeroTalk, were all in San Diego this month for the 29th Annual CSUN Conference. They captured a lot of audio from the event and many of the interviews had an Android component to them. Be sure to check out Code Factory, APH’s comments on Braille Plus 18 upgrades in the works and the HIMS Magnification special featuring Android tablet connections to the new eBot Video Magnifier. And be sure to also check out Blind Bargains for their coverage of CSUN 2014 as well.

CSUN Pre Show Interview Special

SPN CSUN Special: Redefining Magnification

SPN CSUN Special: Maximizing Potential With Mainstream And Assistive Technologies

SPN CSUN HIMS Special: NoteTaker or iPad, or is it the wrong question?

CSUN Special 1

CSUN Special 2

CSUN Special 3

CSUN Special 4

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