Listen to That Android Show Episode 24: Jeff Bezos’s Kidneystone

The polar Vortex doesn’t just bring cold, ice and snow. It also brings missing hosts and the happy return of our very first Developer interviewed on our very first independent show away from the, now called SeroSpectives, Tech Chats we did in the days of 1.6. Ah the memories. And what fantastic ones we will have with the cool games we demo in this latest episode!

In The News:

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Developer Spotlight: Ananse Productions

We sit down with the man behind the Stems and the Stacks, Mr. Kwasi Mensah, and talk about how things have changed over the past 23 episodes of our show for him and his games. He talks about the challenges of developing on Android, iOS, VoiceOver and TtalkBack. Plus, we hit him up for tips on the newly released SpellStack. Find more info about it, and the awesome Stem Stumper, at the Ananse Productions website.

Need help with your stacking? Check out the Player’s Guide for SpellStack

If you need more help, check out these recently posted YouTube links for the game;

Tutorial Walkthrough

Advanced Tutorial Walkthrough

And you can always email Support for more assistance at

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