Listen to That Android Show Episode 18: They’re Called Earcons

Google I/O, a huge app review special and summer Conventions all within the last 2 months since Episode 17. You would think we wouldn’t have any news, products or services to discuss right? Well no. We’ve just hit another event where Google drops the info bomb on us like it was Google glass wearing skydivers. Wait, that was last year. so what did Google talk about this month? Check out the news section, the app review and our mailbag below to know more.

**In The News:

Android 4.3 images for the Nexus 4, 7, 10, and Galaxy Nexus now available

Release notes for Android v4.3

Talkback v3.4 available in the Google Play Store

Google announces thinner, lighter Nexus 7 with higher-res screen, arrives July 30th for $230

The 2013 Nexus 7 performance preview: a huge speed upgrade in every way

Official Blog: From TVs to tablets: Everything you love, across all your screens

New “Chromecast,” a $35 HDMI dongle to get video streams to your TV

A new version of Brailleback is now online

Here are a few stories from our Twitter feed we thought you should know about. Be sure to follow us to get all the news between now and our next episode!

Textbooks coming to the Google Play Store

Google launches Android’s answer to Apple’s Game Center: The Google Play Games app

New Droids Offer a Glimpse of What’s to Come From Motorola

Ultra, Mini, and Maxx: hands-on with Verizon’s newest, longest-lasting Droids

Motorola now exclusive Droid partner to Verizon

AT&T: $32 Billion in Revenue, 6.8 Million Smartphones Including Record Number of Androids

Samsung Dethrones Apple As Most Profitable Smartphone company

Google Has Another Machine Vision Breakthrough?

**App Review: Nova Launcher

We have gotten in lots of questions from new and not so new Android users about alternative launchers for our favorite OS. And this month Steve took it upon himself to demo one that he uses daily. Nova Launcher isn’t just friendly for Talkback users, its one of the most popular mainstream alternative launchers period. Tune into Steve’s review and find out why this is and why you will be heading to the Play market in no time to get this one on your device.


Brandon, Ben and Tony all sent in great iReports this month. Jane’s, however, asked the team about note taking apps that they use on a regular basis. Here are some of their suggestions… Dropbox for Android has a simple note taking section within the app ana says

O.I. Notepad

My Notes

Steve has also heard good things about Apex launcher for alternatives for the default Home Screen

here are a couple of emails from Carolyn about learning her new Android tablet:


I just purchased the 10 inch Google tablet. Am so excited, but need a resource to really get started. I listened to the show 13 about tablets again today. My Talkback is on. Since I don’t have an Android phone, I really need to begin truly from the beginning.

Do you have the link for the google pages that discuss gestures, etc. I think Ana said there were about 12 or 13 pages with Google help.

The tablet show was fabulous and I thank all of you for your shows and all that you do.

Dennis is truly enjoying his 10 inch tablet, but if much, much farther down the road than me.


Carolyn Ranker”



After sending my first email about finding resources for learning to use my new Nexus 10, I googled to find the Nexus manual available besides on the tablet itself.

I wanted to have it on the computer, and walk through some of the parts of the manual with tablet in hand. Though the PDF file was difficult to download, I finally managed to get it into a readable file for me, so it’s helping quite a bit.

You might want to mention that parts of the manual deal with accessability, so newby users like me might really benefit from using the manual.

Thanks again for all that you and the show team do. Always great shows.

Carolyn Ranker”

Thanks for your emails Carolyn. Using Google Play Books on an iDevice works while you learn your Android one or you can also visit the Google Accessibility page as well.

And this feedback from David about HTC…

“Hello team,

I have every single TAS show on my computer and in ep 16 Anna made a little gaff. She was referring to the HTC Sense UI, but it came out as “HTC Sense UI phone.”

Wonder what an HTC Sense UIPhone would do and look like? Hahahahahahaha!

David Harvey”

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